Sunday, July 11, 2010

NICU Reunion!

This weekend was something we have been looking forward to for a long time...well 3 months.... the NICU reunion! I could hardly wait to see all of our sweet friends, and the wonderful nurses and doctors from the Medical Center of Plano! A few pics:

Allison and Elizabeth! These precious girls were 25 or 26 weeks.... they were 2 weeks younger than Brynn in actual age. During the last part of our NICU stay they were our next door neighbors. One nurse usually had the 3 of them, since they were fairly low-maintenance (comparatively speaking). They were similar in size, oxygen requirements, and age, so they were called the triplets. So great to see them!

One very special lady! Nurse Susan took extra special care of Brynn during her first 3 days in the NICU. If you have seen the video of her getting her diaper changed on day 2, those are Susan's hands in the gloves. She was so sweet to Brynn and us. We were almost both in tears at the reunion!

Sweet baby Zoey. This little girl will always be special to me. We refer to her "bad night"... one night after the TLC parent group meetings, we came in and Zoey was not doing well. The doctors told Zoey's Mom to call her husband and they called the chaplain because Zoey's oxygen levels were so low. I just prayed and prayed for that little girl. I couldn't sleep all night, and the next morning, I was at the NICU before they even opened, I had to see about Zoey. Sweet angel not only made it, but is such a doll now! I jut love her!

Zoey's Mom, Stefanie! After everything we went thru... This was their first pic together!

Nurse Michele, another sweet nurse. She took care of Brynn pretty often on the night shift. She always had a smile on her face, and was so great with our sweet angel. Even though we're glad to be out, we sure do miss everyone from the NICU staff.

Robert and Mira. Mira's Mom did not survive her birth. Robert was so great with everyone in the NICU. He asked to pray for our family, even in the midst of such unimaginable circumstances for his own family.

Stefanie and Zoey, Dr. August and Natalia, and Me and Brynn. Natalia is such a doll! Can you believe that she was only 1 pound 1 oz? Her mom, Jonda, was so sweet, and would always answer my crazy questions. She even gave us a pair of preemie mittens that Brynn wore, that I believe Zoey wore after that!

All in all a great time. Such a blessing to remember the miracles from God's hands!