Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Summer!

Well, the summer is half over (CRAZY!) and we've been busy little bees! This promises to be a loooonnngggg post, so get ready!

I'll start with March for Babies. Technically, I guess that was spring, but this is my blog, and I call it summer ;) We had the honor and privilege of participating in 3 different March for Babies walks. 

Walk #1 - DFW
 The DFW walk is the nearest and dearest to my heart for many reasons. First, that's where my Brynn was born. We always meet up with our NICU buddies and it is so awesome to see all the babies (toddlers!) and how far they've come.  It's crazy to think of the nights we spent together talking about them as they fought for their lives. This is Brynn and one of her BFF's Zoey!

Most of the Babies and their parents... 

Then, we had a little impromptu visit to the Norman March for Babies...

Then we had walk #3 - Muskogee! We had the joy of being the Ambassador Family where we could share with others our experience in the NICU and what March of Dimes means to us. 

I can't find any of my pics for this !

Later on in May, we took Brynn and Bella to River Country Waterpark in Muskogee. If you have toddlers, this is a GREAT summer fun place. It is fairly inexpensive and they have a big area where the water is only 18 inches deep and has tons of slides and other water toys for little ones!

In June, I took a few days off of work, just to hang with my little lady. We had so much fun. The first day we just stayed at home, and then the next day we went to Tulsa shopping. If I've done anything right in life, this girl loves to shop! She just shopped her little heart out. 

That week we also started swimming lessons! So far, both girls have really enjoyed swim lessons and are learning a lot. We even went under last week!

Swimming lessons have also been helping with the frequent trips to Nanny's pool!

We also had the opportunity to go with my work to the company "picnic" at Incredible Pizza. We ALL played our hearts out. It was so much fun!

Pudding in one hand, Ice Cream in the other! 

In June, we also went to the eye doctor, Dr. Groves for a follow up. Brynn's eye condition is great! Some of you might remember from our time in the NICU that B was only hours away from having a laser eye surgery on both eyes. Now, aside from a little near-sightedness, her eyes are perfect! This is a picture of her in the waiting room, waiting for her eyes to dilate.

We've also been... Learning to use the potty! It is a slow and steady process, but every day we work on using the big girl potty. One of our biggest challenges has been finding little panties! Little miss has a hind-end that can still wear 6-9 month shorts. Now, in case you've never gone looking, there are no 6-9 month undies out there. So, Mommy had to improvise. We got a package of Minnie mouse, and I just took about 3/4 of an inch out on both sides.  #PreemieProblems....

Besides that, we've been

Going to Journey Church...

Hanging with cousin Bella...

Playing in our kiddie pool...

And getting lots of bunny snuggles in! 

So far it's been an awesome summer, and we can't wait for the second half!