Sunday, February 28, 2010

Praying for little babies

Today I really felt the need to pray for some of our NICU buddies. They fill your heart. It is almost like every baby in there is your baby, but they all just have lots of parents! Please pray for all the little NICU babies!

Baby Z might be going on CPAP this week! She's had a roller coaster ride with 2 ventilators, steroids, and a PDA. We pray for her many times a day!

Baby D is going home with her Daddy on Friday, she's about a week older than Brynn in actual age, several weeks ahead in gestational age! Her mommy did not survive her birth.

Babies A & E are doing so well! A is on CPAP, E is getting close!

Baby O was only our baby for a few days, but he went home with his mom and dad yesterday!

Baby S has been home with Daddy for a long time. His Mommy passed away from H1N1 and he was born early.

Baby R was 1 gestational day younger than Brynn when she was born, and 6oz bigger. She's growing!

Baby M was the same weight as Brynn! He's a week old now. His Mommy has been in ICU, but she got out today.

If it comes to your mind today... Pray for all of our babies!

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  1. Courtney, You keep us grounded in life with your blog---we take so much for granted and most of us have no idea what so many others are going through each day. Thank you so much for what you are doing here. I look so forward to checking out FB and your blog. You do a fantastic job and are a blessing. God loves your family dearly and so do we.