Saturday, March 19, 2011

15 Months

Can you believe it? We have made it to 15 months. Dare I say our sweet baby is turning into a TODDLER?! She is truly the light of my life. It's crazy how much of your heart such a small person can take up. Not a day goes by that I don't think of how far we've come. It's so hard to believe that my sweet, fearless little ball of fun started out as such a tiny, frail little thing. She is so sweet. She gives the best little hugs, and is definitely a snuggler. One good thing, even though she's growing up so fast. She is still baby-sized :) The week before her 15 month birthday, we finally upgraded to 6-9 month sized clothing. This is what she can do now...

Pull her self up on anything and everything!

Cruise around the room holding on to furniture

Babble A LOT. And say Mama and Dada (mostly when she's angry)

Laughs out loud, and imitates you laughing

Drinks from a sippy cup, eats a lot of big people food. Her favorite foods are Chicken-n-a-biscuit crackers, and cheddar cheese cubes.

Takes a bath in the big bath tub

Some of her other favorites are her "Praise Baby" DVD's and this YouTube video. We have no clue why...

She also loves hats. She thinks everything is a hat. She tries to put books, blankets, egg cartons, all kinds of things on her head.

We've been doing physical and occupational therapy up to 3 times per week. Just last week we have decided to cut that back to just once per week and see how it goes.

I am hoping to do a better job of keeping up with the blog. I'm planning to post more info on Princess B, as well as random articles I read, and stuff we are up to. So.... Stay tuned, folks!

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