Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week in Brynn's world

This week was an exciting week for us. We got some special deliveries, and made some fun trips!

First of all, we received our TEAM BRYNN shirts from! Thank you to all who ordered! I am slowly getting those delivered. The shirts look awesome! Custom Ink has my future business. The shirts not only look great, but also were delivered very quickly, and in great packaging. And.... to top it all off, they made a donation to our team! I am pretty excited about our March for Babies with Team Brynn in Tulsa on May 7. It is exciting to think we have a teeny part in helping to prevent prematurity! It's not too late to join us or to donate. Every dollar helps to save babies!

The next day we received our Preemie Princess shirts. These shirts were also from Custom Ink and equally as fabulous! I can't wait for Brynn to wear her shirt and see all of her little buddies. I am so looking forward to seeing Allison, Elizabeth, Zoey, Ryleigh, Marcela, Stevie jo, and Natalia! It's so wonderful to think of the odds that these little ladies have overcome! I hope that they will stay life long friends! We are walking with them in Dallas on April 16. Please donate if you are in the DFW area. Even $5 will help us reach our goal!

On Friday we got in her new carseats! After me being a little OCD and reading pretty much every review, forum, blog, and safety rating out there, we decided on the Britax Boulevard CS 70 in the Sophia pattern. First off let me say that the car seat is adorable! Brynn got the chance to ride in it several times this weekend. She loved it. She likes that she is a little more upright than she was in her carrier. She is still rear facing, and has a ways to go before she gets to be turned around. We have always been fans of  Extended Rear Facing and with the recent clarifications from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it just solidifies Mommy's thoughts on rear facing longer!

Besides all of the special deliveries, we took full Advantage of her Dr. saying she could go out and about now. We still don't want anyone touching her at least until the end of RSV season, but preferably ever, so she was still sporting her Mama Bears Sign.  Brynn got to go out to Aunt Syd's softball game and watch her pitch against the Keys Cougars. Brynn cheered loud and they won! We planned to go and watch them win the Muskogee tournament as well, but it got too cold. Afterwards we went out to Nanny's for some Mexican take out (YUM!) Aunt Meagan was in from Little Rock, and cousin Bella was out to play. Brynn loves her cousin Bella. She is so fun to watch, and chase.

Saturday since the weather was chilly, we went shopping with Bella. Brynn loved the mall. She was content to just look around from her stroller the whole time we were there. She was such a good girl. I think shopping was good for her. It gave her a chance to get out and exercise her mind if nothing else. After the fun day, she went right to sleep in her own bed, and slept there all night without making a peep. Sunday we didn't go anywhere, but Bella came over for a few hours to play and eat some "chickie" They both had chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, cheese, and strawberries. It was a fun evening.

Fun week in Brynn-land... hope you all enjoyed the update.

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