Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's been a while...

It's only been about 9 months since my last post. There is lots to update on Brynn, but that will have to come later. My next 2 blog posts are going to be around my personal goals for 2012. I have set some goals for myself and I want to share them as well as updates throughout the year. The actual goal post will come later, but 2 goals are around losing weight and reducing the grocery budget. One way I hope to accomplish both of these things is by cooking freezer meals.

One thing I struggle with is coming home late and throwing together the easiest meal possible. Easiest meal possible is very rarely healthiest meal possible. Not to mention, most packaging contains enough food for a large family, not 2 people. Cooking for 2 is hard. This is how it usually goes. Get home, think to self, "Self, what's for dinner?" Hmmm... How about spaghetti? Box of pasta (free from coupons), pasta sauce (free or close to free from coupons), frozen meatballs, or meat. Makes enough spaghetti for 8 or so people. We eat more than we should. Leftovers go in fridge. We eat them again tomorrow. More leftovers. Isaac takes to work for lunch. Must cure evil spaghetti eating habits.

So, I decided to find some freezer friendly weight watchers recipes (my plan for weight loss). Cook my little heart out, divide into appropriate serving size, and freeze. Eat said meals for dinner, and take for lunch. So here goes.

The plan was to prepare the following: Spicy Chicken Spaghetti, Turkey Chili, Enchilada Casserole, Cheesy Chicken Spinach Shells, Baked Honey Mustard Chicken, Marinated Fajita Chicken, Seasoned Ground Turkey for Tacos,  Turkey Burgers, BBQ Pulled  Pork. As well as making 4 turkey sandwiches for lunch at work by weighing meat, cheeses, etc for points and weigh out a serving of Baked BBQ chips to go with sandwich.  The actuals (and recipes) follow:

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti - Check!

This is an awesome recipe! One of our faves. You would have no idea it was a WW recipe if I didn't tell you. I made a triple batch (18 servings) and froze some in 2 servings for dinners and some in 1 for lunches.

Turkey Chili - Check!

I am not sure where this recipe came from, but this is what I do, Brown 2 lbs ground turkey with chopped onions and a green bell pepper. Use 2 cans of tomato sauce, 1 jar medium or hot salsa, 1 packet McCormicks Hot chili seasoning mix. Simmer and tada, done! This will make a very spicy chili, so if you can't handle the heat, use mild salsa and regular seasoning mix. The easiest chili ever, but Yummy! You can also add kidney beans if you like (which I don't). I made 1 pot of this which turned out to be about 15 1 Cup servings.

Enchilada Casserole - Check (Barely)!

I found this recipe on pinterest. It almost didn't happen. I in my mind remembered that it had cut up tortillas in the recipe, not  biscuits. So, I had to make a quick run to the DG and pick up a can O' biscuits.  I made a double recipe and basically split it into 3 pans of 4 servings. Never tried the recipe before, but it looks yummy.  I'll keep you posted.

Cheesy Chicken Spinach Shells - Check!

Made 28 shells. 3 points a shell.

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken - Check!

Used Panko breadcrumbs instead of cereal. It just sounds gourmet. Say it - "Panko!" Fun. I mean what sounds better, chicken rolled in mustard and cereal or honey mustard chicken with Panko crust? plus... I didn't have any corn flakes.

Marinated Fajita Chicken - Check!

I Love love love love this marinade. It sounds weird, but it tastes sooo gooood.

1T Soy Sauce, 1T Worcestershire Sauce, 1T Apple Cider Vinegar, 1T Chili Seasoning, 1T minced garlic, 2T lemon (or lime) juice, dash of tabasco (optional).

I made 2 batches with 2 chicken breasts cut up in each baggie. We use this for fajitas and chicken salads.

Seasoned Ground Turkey for tacos - Not Yet

I wanted to cook 1 pound of ground turkey with taco seasoning and divide up into 3rds for tacos. However, by the time I got finished with everything else and washed the needed skillet. I decided to forgo this one tonight. Still planning on doing it tomorrow.

 Turkey Burgers - Check (Kinda)!

I made 4 seasoned 1/6 pound turkey burger patties. I still want to make 6 more tomorrow. We use either  minus the green onions, or we use a recipe of 1lb turkey, 2t chipotle chile powder, 1T minced garlic, 2T BBQ sauce.

BBQ Pulled Pork - No Go

Use a pork shoulder roast, follow the directions on the back of the McCormicks slow cooker packet for BBQ pulled pork. Makes a delicious sandwich. De-Lish-us. Wally World didn't have the meat. So, this one was a no-go.

Sandwiches, chips, etc - Not Yet

Plan on doing this tomorrow.

I started this at 6:00 PM. at 6:30 Brynn woke from her nap and I spent the next hour with her. By 11:15 I was done cooking, packaging, and had washed all of the dishes. So, it really didn't take all that long.

Well there you have it. Next up - Goals for 2012.

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  1. Is there a 'love' or even a 'like' button on blogs? :)

    I need to try this marinade for chicken! It sounds easy and yummy. I tried a somewhat similar one the other day (used it with beef), but wasn't impressed. Did you just cut up strips of raw chicken and toss it in? Do you freeze it like that? Let me know how the thawing and cooking part of it goes.

    Not really going for the whole competing blogs or anything, but I kinda of like the idea of trying to match or beat your number of blog posts to keep me accountable to updating mine. :)