Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Signing Time!

I wanted to post an update on Brynn, but not one ridiculously long one, so I am going to split it up into bite sized chunks on the highlights of Brynn's life. One of her most favorite things in the whole world is sign language.

Not so very long ago Brynn was barely talking. She had a few words she'd say frequently, and a few she'd say occasionally. It seemed like once she learned a new word, an old one was gone. Almost like there was only room in her head for 5 words at a time. It was very frustrating. She has always had such oral aversions, and we've seen speech pathologists, I just kind of felt like talking wasn't going to come easy. Now, I've always thought that the baby sign language thing was neat. Not overly amazing earth-shattering... but neat-o. We taught Brynn a few signs, "More" "Milk" "Juice" and that was kind of cool. But once we became owners of our very own Signing Time DVD, our world changed.

Brynn is totally and completely hooked. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she says is "Sign Time?" She constantly wants to be watching it. Since she started the Signing Time videos, it seems like her vocabulary has exploded. Now I realize that there are other factors at work here as well, but I think that putting a little hand movement to a word really helped her to grasp speaking. Don't ask me how that works, you can ask my sister who teaches deaf students.

Brynn now knows all sorts of ASL signs. More, Please, Thank you, milk, juice, crackers, dog, cat, elephant, horse, potty, bath, all done, cook, and lots more. She's even putting 2 signs together now. My little bilingual genius. ;)

All of the signing time videos are awesome. They sing and sign songs that help to learn. It's very fun and educational. Anyone with babies/toddlers, I highly recommend the Signing Time series. We just received out "Potty Time" Signing Time... wish us luck! This is one of Brynn's favorite songs... enjoy!

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  1. Ok, sorry I'm commenting on every post... but I am super excited to hear that Brynn is signing! I have always been enamored by sign language (although I only know the alphebet... I should ask Meagan for private lessons sometime!) and someday when I have babies I would LOVE for them to sign. It is awesome to hear how it's helped with Brynn's vocabulary! Keep up the good work and I'll be calling you with questions in about 3 years!