Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Work!

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philipians 1:6

Today was "look back and remember day." Several times throughout the day I was reminded to look back and remember where our journey started, and how far we've come. Isaac and I ran across a photo he took on the night of December 17. Little did we know that 12 short hours later, our lives would change forever. We looked at pictures of the next day and her little body was so tiny. Her arm was not as big around as Isaac's pinky in her first picture. Wow.

I think the moment that really struck me oddly enough was at TLC. They didn't have any serious topic to talk about tonight, but just scrapbooking night. There was a set of NICU stickers that had the words "jaundice" "PICC line" "bradycardia" "apnea" "tachycardia" "IV Fluids" "ventilator" I thought that was odd. What a different world we NICU people live in. But as a few of us started talking, we noticed that most babies had a PICC line, while my princess had a Broviac catheter. When the other moms described the purpose of a PICC line to me, it seemed like there was not a huge difference. So, we asked the nurse what the difference was. She immediately said, "There's a HUUUUGE difference" a PICC line is put in by the doctor, it goes in the babies arm and threads up through and sits right above their heart. It barely even leaves a tiny mark where it was. A Broviac has to be put in by a surgeon. The baby has to be sedated, they make a cut in her neck and put it in. It is for sicker babies that are going to need it for a long time."

I guess I never took time to think about that. Why did my baby have a broviac and others had PICC lines, and still others just a regular old IV. But once I did, it was mind-numbing. When I think about where we have come from with Brynn, I also think about where we are headed. She is definitely a gift from God. I love the verse in Philipians 1. I am confident that God began a good work in Brynn. You can see his finger prints all over her. He is going to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. I pray every day that she grows up and praises him for where he has brought her, and how far we've all come.

Thank you Jesus for sustaining my sweet girl's life. Thank you for the road you've brought us on, and for the plans you have for her life. I pray that every day she lives she brings glory to you!

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  1. Courtney---- Each mother and grandmother praise God daily for our precious children. We are proud when our children grow up to be God-fearing Christians and who know that each day is a blessing from our Lord. We give thanks for all HE has given us. When I read all of your comments each day about your little gift from God, I think about how your mom and Brenda have raised you to be a light for the Lord. I am so glad you share your experiences on this blog and on FB.
    There are many days when things happen in our lives and we cannot understand why "this" has happened to "us". God knows the long range plans he has for our lives. He has an awesome plan for you and Isaac and sweet little Brynn.
    Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and experiences.
    God Bless your family.